Our Process

At Persuasion Pictures, we keep your goals in mind during each step of the process.

Pre-Production (Consultation, scripting, any necessary casting, production planning, location preparation and camera coaching)

We will sit down with you to find your business’ unique story and core marketing message.  Then, through research and scripting, we will develop the best concept for a video or videos that will connect you to your customers in the most effective way possible.  Finally, through extremely organized shoot planning and prepping your space and your team for the filming experience, we will assure a stress free and fun shoot.

Production (The efficient, on time and fun shoot)

Through coordination with you and your team, we will utilize our commitment to organization, preparedness and effective communication to make the shoot as fun and non-evasive as possible while creating the highest quality picture and sound possible.  This is the chance for you, your staff and business to sit back and shine.

Post-Production (Editing, graphics and title creation and revisions, as well as optional narration recording, animation and color correction)

Here is where we put everything together.  With your input and feedback, we will utilize all of the technical tools at our disposal to craft a unique, high quality and effective video message to your customers.

Finishing (Compression and DVD authoring)

At this point in the process, we will make sure that you have good quality digital files that will play without technical difficulties for all of your end use needs, from broadcast to PowerPoint presentations.